Are you keeping up with your health and fitness program? If yes, that’s good to hear. However, you might be frustrated by when the weight loss is not as fast as you have anticipated. This could be as a result of several reasons, and highlighted below are seven (7) surprising reasons you need to consider.

Lack of sleep

If truth be bold, it might be difficult sometimes balancing the time between exercise, play, work and sleep. Often, this implies having sufficient sleeping time may not be realistic. However, if your aim is to shed weight, it is important you spend quality time sleeping as extra energy is required to keep up with your program. Consequently, if you are missing the zzzzz’s, you could be affecting the ability of your body to shed the pounds.

You fail to apply portion control.

Being mindful of what you eat is an important part of your weight loss process. Several individuals are disappointed by simply presuming their portion’s size. You can eat the most healthy food available, but if you’re eating too much, the inches won’t budge. Be sure to keep a set of spoons, measuring cups and digital scales on hand to ensure your portion size is right for you. In fact you will be surprised by just how much you could be eating, even though it is healthy substance.

Your spouse is not on board

Sometimes your relationship could affect your weight loss. We are obviously not saying you should bid them farewell however, if your partner is not having the same healthy path as you, it could make harder as well as prolong your journey. Thus, telling them you need their support is the first approach you should take and they might even consider changing their habits as well.


You skip a complete food group

Majority of fad diets suggest skipping a complete food group to shed weight, like no-carb diets. As a result, this can lead to a nutritional shortage, as well as activating desires for those foods. Instead of skipping a complete food group, concentrate on portion control and balancing to slim your waistline.

Baggy Clothing

Although this might sound strange, baggy and loose clothes can cut your fitness motivation very fast. Thus, putting on clothes that fit correctly will provide you with an enhanced sense of body image. It also hides the fact the the way you look and feel isn’t exactly what you’re hoping for.

Snacking without thinking

Eating while in front of the computer or the television can significantly affect your weight loss plan. They distract you from being conscious of how much you have eaten and blow through the point of being satisfied. Create time to enjoy your food and you will end up eating less.

You never “Treat Yourself”

It sounds counterproductive to inform you that you should have a “no-no food” now and again. An otherwise healthy diet cannot be ruined simply by taking a few chips. In as much you are keeping up a healthy diet in the long term, these little indulgences won’t affect your weight loss goals. However, being excessively strict will end up in binging in the future.

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