When Alisha started with us she had tried every way imaginable to lose weight, but nothing worked. Until she found us.

Here’s what Alisha has to say about her journey.

RAHF Alisha before-after

My name is Alisha McCoy. I was born in NC but didn’t live there long. My dad was in the Air Force. I grew up in TN and TX. Going to Elementary, Junior High and High School in both places.

What was your life like before finding our program?

Different! Unhealthy! I was drinking 6 or more sodas per day and eating whatever I wanted to. I had high blood pressure, my knees were hurting, I was borderline diabetic.

What did you do to try to get in shape before starting with us?

I have tried Crossfit, Bootcamps, Insanity, 21 Day Fix and C25K to name a few.

What were your specific goals you had when starting?

To get lose weight and get healthier. I mean I think we all have a random goal weight in our head but at first my goal was just to get started.

Did you ever have any doubts our program would work?
Of course! I saw a Facebook ad. I didn’t know Danielle or anyone else at Results until I convinced my friend that getting up and going to a 5:30 class would be the right choice to get us started in something!

What have your specific results been?

I have lost over 10 pounds, I don’t even know how many inches and have gone down at least 2 full sizes in most things, sometimes 3! I eat healthy. I sleep better. I am happier. I am not tired all the time like I was before. I initially wanted to lose weight but didn’t realize all the other benefits that would come along with it.

What would you tell someone that’s on the fence about working with us?

I would tell them to start! NOW! Danielle is awesome and so encouraging and inspiring.  Y’all are cheering me on to reach my goals. It is not at all like going to the gym.

You will not be there for two hours and not see any results. You will work hard, really hard and then you will feel like you accomplished something and you will see results quickly!

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